Free Accounts Data Product

Historic Monthly Files

What is it?

The Accounts Data Product is a free downloadable ZIP file, which contains the individual data files (instance documents) of company accounts filed electronically.

Historic Accounts data for previous years can be downloaded from the monthly files provided here, whilst the last 12 months accounts data is available from the monthly files.

The individual data files within the ZIP file will be in one of two formats, either:

  • inline XBRL format (.html file extension) or;
  • XBRL format (.xml file extension).

Each data file is provided free of charge and is not supported. Due to its size, each file can take several minutes to download.

Additional Information

Data is only available for electronically filed accounts, which currently stands at about 75% of the 2.2 million accounts we expect to be filed each year.

You can view the data using Notepad, or a similar text based program. A rendered image of the accounts can be viewed when opened via a web browser. To view the data within your browser, use right-click and "View Source".

Both iXBRL and XBRL are difficult to manipulate without specialised software. Below are examples of the data format.

The taxonomies referenced by the accounts data in the monthly files may have changed over the year. For more information on referenced taxonomies,validation and formatting, please read our Free Accounts Data Product FAQs.

Historic Monthly Download:













Last Updated: 17/03/2020